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Chris Wood

chrisChris Wood has won scores of awards and nominations for stories, articles and reports in national media and has been primarily a freelance writer for over 3 decades. He has also contributed as writer and editor to a variety of commissioned studies for leading think tanks and policy initiatives such as the Blue Economy Initiative. He serves on the editorial board of Alternatives Journal magazine, (40 years of covering progressive policy options in Canada). He is currently coordinating editor for the Tyee Solutions Society, a non-profit Vancouver-based centre for creating catalytic journalism in the public interest, associated with TheTyee.ca.

Born in Ontario, Canada at the end of the Korean War, Chris has lived on three North American coastlines, and reported from its three countries and nearly a dozen more. He currently lives in Mexico, the least ‘northern’ of our sibling nations, studying and writing about how we’re all (maybe) going to make it through the decades ahead into a different world. This gives him a uniquely broad and, in the strategic area of water resources, deeply informed grasp of how the cross-flowing currents of profits, politics and climate physics are already writing North America’s future for the next quarter century.


Beverley Wood

beverleywoodBeverley spent 12 years honing her organizational skills at Maclean’s, Canada’s weekly newsmagazine. As Operations Manager, she determined the page count and layout, wrangled over 100 journalists and contributors and moved the stories and photos through the system — all on a (repeating) weekly deadline. In her spare time, she also created and successfully marketed a unique gift food item —  Rocky Mountain Popping Corn on the Cob. Her product was sold nationwide through Chicago’s Marshall Fields stores and as far away as the island of Mauritius, receiving national press coverage through her publicity and marketing efforts.

Moving to Vancouver in the early 90s, she went to work for a major giftware manufacturer and distributor where she coordinated $6 million (wholesale) in offshore manufacture and importation of “stuff” every year before coming to her senses. She ventured online early (some say too early) with an retail store called The Gift Ship (We sail the world to bring you the best in treasure from afar) — using a CMS that became Yahoo Stores during her virtual proprietorship (see article here: http://sellitontheweb.com/ezine/mystore004.shtml ).

As Web Editor of Vancouver Film School (1997 – 2002) her content and search engine optimization skills more than quadrupled the institution’s internet traffic. She left Vancouver Film School to take on the Canadian production of a screenwriting seminar that she first attended in 1987 and swore that she would one day produce (and spent 10 years doing so).

Today, she writes and edits copy and builds sustainable websites for a diverse range of clients and runs the popular blog, San Miguel Gringo.

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